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I began working as an A&P mechanic in 1998 in Warrensburg, MO on my University’s Flight Department’s aircraft while completing my B.S.  After graduation, I was hired onto Air Evac Lifeteam as an A&P mechanic at their FBO in Cape Girardeau, Mo.  I eventually became a field mechanic on Bell 206L’s.  After attending Bell factory training, I was given a base in Mt. Vernon, IL and spent 6 years as a base mechanic. From there, I moved into academia by accepting a position with SIUC as an AMT Instructor.  

While working at the University, I had the opportunity to earn an M.S. in Instructional Design and now am working on a Ph.D. in Learning Systems Design and Technology. My research focus has been on instructional design for aviation maintenance education.  In the dissertation phase of my doctoral work, I am interested in digital and computer-based applications for use in FAR Part 147 programs.  

As an active member of ATEC, I have written articles and given presentations and webinars that focus on this work with FAR Part 147 topics. Recently, I accepted the position of ATEC Journal Editor and have applied to be considered to join the Board of Directors.

ATEC Webinar


Associate Professor of Aviation Technologies at Southern Illinois University
- August 2005 to Current

Editor of Aviation Technical Education Council Journal
- January 2018

Bell 205A Field Maintenance Instructor
- January 2010 to Current

Airframe and Powerplant Mechanic
- May 1998 to Current


B.S. of Science in Aviation Maintenance Technology from University of Central Missouri. 

M.S. of Education in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in Instructional Design from Southern Illinois University.

Currently working on a Ph.D. in Education in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in Learning Systems Design and Technology from Southern Illinois University.


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Sullivan, Karen, February 2009, Cutting Through the Clutter: An  Aircraft’s Maintenance Technician’s Utilization of FAA Regulations.  Paper presented at the 2009 St. Louis Aviation Maintenance  Symposium, Fairview Heights, Illinois.

Consulting Team

Olga Kaczmarczyk

Quality by Design

I am currently working on a Ph.D. in Education in Curriculum and Instruction specializing in Learning Systems Design and Technology at Southern Illinois University. 
I’m interested in research-based learning theories and best practices that translate to quality online activities and courses.
My goal is to create personalized, engaging online learning experiences with built-in learning supports that work for all online learners, including those with learning differences. It’s not just organizing content on a screen – it’s enhancing students’ learning strategies through thoughtful instructional design.


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