Blended AMT Programs and Courses​

Under the guidance of FAA Order 8900.1, FAR 147 AMT schools  can now offer blended courses and programs once issued the OpsSpec A026.  

These blended programs and their online content require sound instructional design to successfully engage students in distance education.

As an instructional designer with a strong aviation maintenance educator’s background, I use experience and expertise to make your new FAR 147 blended school a success.

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Leaders in Blended AMT Learning

Program Development and Quality Assurance

Starting from scratch, adding to an existing traditional program, or anything in between.


Designing a blended AMT program that fits the needs of your school, program, and students including program schedule, course structure, and LMS format.


Developing deliverables including course materials, LMS course builds, and the FAA proposal for issuance of OpSpecs A026.

Quality Assurance

Providing a detailed review to ensure your program's course materials are current, accurate, and instructionally sound.


Working directly on behalf of your program with your designated FAA inspector to modify your school's operations manual.

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